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Dabrowski Related Web Links.

Created October 18, 2001.

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HEKSIS Polish-English Online Quarterly

Lisa Rivero George Harrison's life as a creation of personality

Signet House Presents a handout on overexcitability and a PowerPoint presentation.

Theory of Positive Disintegration The Polish website dedicated to Kazimierz Dabrowski.

The Gifted Development Center.

Great Potential Press Our mission is to publish quality books and materials, based on research and life experience, to guide parents and teachers through the world of giftedness. We strive to provide the necessary knowledge to support, encourage, and foster growth in gifted kids. Publisher of Mendaglio 2008.

Yahoo Dabrowski discussion group
A Dabrowski Bulletin Board./Discussion Group. Contains discussion on a wide variety of issues relating to Dabrowski by psychologists, educators and other professionals.

Krystyna Laycraft Krystyna Laycraft

Yahoo Dabrowski discussion group. Previous messages.

MIKA 1 An excellent overview by Elizabeth Mika1

MIKA 2 An excellent overview by Elizabeth Mika2

Mika2010 On the levels by Elizabeth Mika

http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/positive_disint.htm Theory of Positive Disintegration by E. Mika

HighlySensitivePeople.com People with the trait of high sensitivity and the people in their lives.

JAGC (http://www.jeffcogifted.org/) An affiliate of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented, composed of parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders committed to providing appropriate learning experiences for high ability students.

http://www.sengifted.org/articles_directorscorner/Ackerman_Oct.shtml Director's Corner Author: Cheryl Ackerman From The SENG Update of: October 2004 Topic: Dabrowski's TPD

http://www.sengifted.org/articles_social/Lind_OverexcitabilityAndTheGifted.shtml Social and Emotional Issues Title: Overexcitability and the gifted Citation: From The SENG Newsletter. 2001, 1(1) 3-6.
Author: Sharon Lind Online since: August 2002 A download of a printer-friendly version (PDF) is available.

If You're So Smart, Why Do You Need Counseling? (Published in Advanced Development Journal, Vol. 8, 1999) by Deborah L. Ruf

Deborah L. Ruf Environmental, Familial, and Personal Factors That Affect the Self-Actualization of Highly Gifted Adults: Case Studies Doctoral Dissertation Introduction and Literature Review, Deborah L. Ruf, Ph.D.

Dr. Bernard Tyrrell: Christotherapy is born of the author's personal struggles with emotional issues, addiction and the needs each person experiences to grow daily in ever richer dimensions of healing and ever higher levels of integration. The author of Christotherapy is now also dealing with multiple sclerosis. The methods of Christotherapy have proved invaluable in dealing with this disease. The experience of this disease has also opened the author to the whole world of the physically as well as emotionally and spiritually challenged. See Christotherapy II, Chapter 13.

Living & Learning with Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities. A teaching unit by Cindy Strickland

'Mellow Out' They Say. If I Only Could. Intensities and Sensitivities of the Young and Bright by Michael M. Piechowski,

Dabrowski's Over-excitabilities: A Layman's Explanation by Stephanie S. Tolan

Is it a Cheetah? By S. Tolan.

This is the main Dabrowski site created and maintained by Bill Tillier. Bill is a Canadian psychologist who studied with Dabrowski. Over the past 35 years, Bill has been involved in collecting Dabrowski’s work and disseminating it. He also organized the Dabrowski conference in 1996 and the 2004 conference in Calgary.

http://talentdevelop.com/Dabrowski.html This is the new site put out by Douglas Eby.

This is a theory developed by Elaine Aron. She describes "over-sensitivities" that are like allergies and suggests that people who experience these "over-sensitivities" need to identify them and learn to avoid them in life. For example, if a person has an increased sensitivity to flourescent lights, they need to avoid exposure to these lights. I don't think one could stretch this concept to apply to what Dabrowski described as overexcitabilities, as far as I see, they are simply different ideas. I include the link here because people may associate Aron's work with Dabrowski because of her use of the term oversensitivity.

Sensitivity. This is from a website called Hoagies' Gifted Education Page run by Carolyn K.

This is the website run by Teresa Gallagher called Born to Explore! The Other Side of ADD. Several people see a link between ADHD and TPD.

A site called Being Sensitive - in an Insensitive World by Thomas Eldridge. I think this work is along the lines of Aron's theory, not Dabrowski.

This "gifted" institute has a "Self-test on Giftedness" based on Dabrowski's theory.

This is the essay by William James that presents a very similar view of human overexcitabilities. Does not mention Dabrowski.

The National Archives of Canada. Put Dabrowski into the search engine to see results (in French).

Dr. Don Beck presents the theory of Spiral Dynamics, a hierarchical model similar to Dabrowski’s.

This is the site of P. J. Reece, the filmmaker who did the two Filmwest movies on Dabrowski.

The site of Esalen Institute and a mention of the 1968 paper that Dabrowski gave there.

A Sacred Sorrow a look at positive aspects of depression (discusses Dabrowski) . . . In Chapter 16 of Sacred Sorrows, Joanna Macy suggests that 'going to pieces or falling apart is not such a bad thing'

This is an outstanding time-line of "consciousness, transformation, and spirituality" compiled by Steven Dinan. It includes Dabrowski, under the entry for 1964.